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Edible salt 

Edible salt is pink in color. It is 100% natural and pure.  We assure that Himalayan salt’s premium quality, mined and washed with hands, with an exceptional taste, not only adds flavor to your food but also ensures that the food is healthy and high in nutritional value. We are the best salt manufacturers in Pakistan.

Just like common table salt, wholesale Himalayan salt is used for the purpose of cooking preserving and adding flavor to the food. The least process and without having any additive, Himalayan salt bulk wholesale is the purest form of salt.

Table salt contains more sodium as compared to the Himalayan pink salt which has more contents of calcium potassium, iron, and traces of other 80+ minerals and elements.

Edible Himalayan salt exporter

The best edible Himalayan salt exporter in the world and Our edible salt is perfect for daily cooking as well as for the seasoning of your meals.it brings an absolute saltiness and makes the food healthy. We are amongst the largest Salt Miners, suppliers, and Bulk dealers of Himalayan salt rock wholesale, Edible Salt, and Salt Products in Pakistan. We source salt from the mines in Pakistan.

Also, our advanced machines and experienced workers ensure that the salt products are up to quality standards. We are an authorized and approved organization that produces superior quality Himalayan salt products. Our company has a professional management system. The system supervises the manufacturing and processing of all Himalayan Salt and Himalayan Rock Salt Products.

Article Code : RRSB
Name :   Himalayan Salt Chunks
Color : Black
Mesh : 2 - 5 cm  
Article Code : ESW - A
Name :  Himalayan Salt Coarse
Color : White
Mesh :  4 - 10
MM : 2 - 5
Article Code : ESW - D
Name : Himalayan Salt Powder
Color : White
Mesh : 50 - 100
MM : 0.15 - 0.3
Article Code : RRSP
Name :  Himalayan Salt Chunks
Color :  Pink
Mesh : 2 - 5 cm
Article Code : ESD - C
Name : Himalayan Salt Fine
Color : Dark Pink
Mesh : 20 - 50
MM :  0.3 - 0.8
Article Code : ESL - A
Name :   Himalayan Salt Coarse
Color :   Light Pink
Mesh : 4 - 10
MM : 2 - 5
Article Code : ESR - C
Name :  Himalayan Salt Fine
Color : Regular Pink
Mesh : 20 - 50
MM :   0.3 - 0.8

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