Walking, sitting, meditating, and relaxing in a space having peachy pink color walls and floor, with a soft dim light all Himalayan salt room around can be one of the top pleasuring experiences of your life. The Himalayan salt room is the place because it’s getting popularity around the world for its health and wellbeing […]

Himalayan pink sole water­- A miraculous drink:

pink himalayan salt in water

The word “sole”, pronounced “so- lay” is a saturated blend of water and Himalayan pink rock salt that carries therapeutic features, beneficial for our mind and body. The pink sole water contains all the essential elements and the nutrients which keep us hydrated and energized. Pink sole water offers numerous health benefits So-lay balances the electrolytes What are […]


The use of Himalayan salt products for home décor in Australia is getting immense popularity which is justified by the beauty and the tremendous healing properties of these products. Because Himalayan Pink salt is the purest hand-mined salt with traces of 84 essential minerals and elements in it and that is why it has enormous […]

Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt

As Himalayan pink salt is load with minerals and nutrients, its health benefits can never be question. However, if you are still confuse about the health charms it offers, this article is for you. we will discuss how the Himalayan pink salt brings fitness and wellbeing to one’s life. The Himalayan pink salt is picked […]

The 12 Major Types of Salt- Which Salt is Best?

Salt is a white natural mineral present in crystalline form that gives the sea its characteristic taste. It not only adds flavor to the food but also an important ingredient of many medicines. Salt is a mineral that is essential for both humans and animals. It has used to preserve and season the food since […]

What is Smoked Salt – Recipe of Smoked Salt?

smoked himalayan salt

If you want to give grill’s smoky flavor to your simple homemade recipes, add an aromatic finishing smoked salt among the spices in your kitchen shelf and impart a rich smoky flavor and aroma to your meals. What is Smoked Salt?  Smoked salt is 100% what we get from the name. It is the sea or pink […]

Salt therapy- what you need to know?

Salt therapy is a natural form of remedy that involves breathing in the salty air.It involves spending time in either a natural salt cave or specially constructed salt rooms.We know that pink rock salt is known for its healing and therapeutic properties since ancient times. Halotherapy is considered the best alternative treatment to relieve respiratory […]

What is the Origin of Himalayan pink salt

Himalayan pink salt is the most genuine and pure kind of salt known today. It is becoming more popular in the world for its exceptional qualities, and the number of people substituting the common table salt with Himalayan salt is escalating faster. It is the most popular kind of salt because of its taste and […]

Himalayan salt grain & what you need to know about it?

Salt is one of the major minerals found on the earth. It is also a great food ingredient that adds flavor to the dishes while providing many health benefits. Your kitchen spice shelf is incomplete without salt as it is an inexpensive mineral that is part of almost every recipe you make in the kitchen.  There […]

Pink Himalayan salt products that you must need at home

Pink Himalayan salt is a natural mineral that not only seasons and flavors up your dishes but is also available in the form of different products. These products increase the application of salt for several other purposes. Due to its unique structure, pink salt is molded into many shapes and figures that are easy to […]